The current cultural mindset, vocabulary, media, conversations, focus and general input is rather negative.  What goes in controls what goes out. A common saying is “shit in, shit out.” But we can change everything that comes out of us by changing what goes in to us. It won’t be easy...actually it appears almost impossible. But it’s not. The good news is it is simple. Very very simple. Start small. Just make someone you care about’s moment better than the previous moment. Then maybe a stranger. That’s not too much to try. Just try, you’ll be amazed at what happens.

So I’m going to try. I’m not a deeply educated or well trained person. What I’m going to do is make some stuff that hopefully makes your moments better.  And maybe those around you. All we have is now, right?

Just remember two things:

A rising tide raises ALL ships.

Make this moment better than the last.

And while you’re at being alive and experiencing this life, LOVE SOMEONE.

10% of ALL sales will go to charity.  Currently, the charity is the National Ataxia Foundation.  My father has Ataxia and I was recently diagnosed as well.  (So if you see me stumbling or mumbling, that’s why.  I may appear drunk but I assure you that I don’t drink!)

(If you have a charity suggestion, email me.)



About Ben:

This represents the collected creations, for retail sale, of Ben Sutton.  Shirts, buttons, stickers, crates, zines, posters etc. The sky is the limit.  I’ve got a lot of ideas, so follow me on this journey. Sign up on the mailing list and you can keep up on this and my other endeavors: Crawfish Productions, Is This Family Or What, B’s Crates and Hell Year.