I'm frustrated.  Why is the fashion industry so stuck in the past? We've all decided to stop defining humans in insulting and sexist terminology.  So why can't they?  End rant.

Start productive thought and action:  Conformity usually sucks.  It promotes casual acceptance of outdated ideas.  Time to think forward thoughts.  Time to stop labeling people. Clothing is genderless. In that vein, branding could use some rebranding.  Let's not call clothing "mens" and "womens," that vocabulary includes and excludes unfairly.  Let's call clothing by it's cut, "box" and "hourglass."  You can figure out what style suites you.  You shouldn't feel odd about your body.  All bodies are beautiful!  Because inside all that meat is a human...with thoughts and feelings.

So here is my open challenge to all of fashion, all department stores, all bands, etc: