Shipping Materials

What an absolutely riveting topic! I am going to follow the logic set forth by the EPA: reduce, reuse, recycle. My thoughts and actions, in regards to shipping, will ALWAYS follow this process.
  1. Reduce: I will do my best to use the least amount of shipping material possible.
  2. Reuse: Before using NEW material, I will reuse any OLD mailers that I have received packages in (or any that my roommates have or any that are given to me.  For more info on that, keep reading. I’m offering a 25 cent coupon for each mailer donated to me.) If the mailer has already been manufactured then it should be reused before using new material.
  3. Recycle: if I need to purchase new material, it will be made from recycled material and/or recyclable in curbside recycling bins (no special bins needed.)

Since I will be primarily reusing mailers, they won’t be pretty. But a mailer’s future is either the landfill or recycling bin. So some of the reused mailers will be plastic. And maybe from retailers that you (or I) disagree with. Please be forgiving. I’m doing the best I can. And so are those that donate to me. 

When I do have to purchase new mailers, they will be plastic free and made from 100% post consumer recycled water resistant paper mailers that you should reuse or recycle in your curbside bin.  (They are provided by EcoEnclose and are called the 100% recycled EcoX Mailer.  You can and should research how awesome this company is!). The inner protective bags are made of paper and are reusable and recyclable in your curbside bin.  (These are also provided by EcoEnclose and all called Glassine Bags.)

Mailer reuse and discount program: (for locals only, sorry)

For every mailer you donate to me, I will give you a 25 cent credit. In order to set this up, please email me at with the subject of “Mailers Discount.”  We can arrange pick up and also I will have to generate a unique one time discount code for you.

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